Valley Surf Champions Cup

Photo courtesy of the West Coast Soccer Club

West Coast Soccer’s U16 Wicked girls team recently won the Central Valley Surf Champions Cup.

West Coast Soccer’s U16 Wicked girls team — featuring East County players Makeila Yancey, Sabrina Rogers, Kaya Scott, Miranda Valle and Maddie Herrera Miranda Valle  — dominated the Central Valley Surf Champions Cup.

West Coast defeated Walnut Creek Surf 4-1 and Turlock Academy 1-0 to position them at the top of the standings after a Saturday of games.  

West Coast put on an attacking clinic as they took care of the Mavericks 5-0 to set up the championship game against a tough IR Academy Purple squad.  

The Wicked offense was led by the extremely talented front line of Anaya Shelton, Zusette Zamora, Aryana Jones, Bailey Gualco, Miette Sessoms and Scott,

The midfield was controlled by Alexi Ochoa, Yancey, Herrera and Valle.

Defenders Andrea Castillo, Allyson Thompson, Mariah Hinojosa, Niella Sessoms and Rogers held down the back line and limited scoring opportunities, while youngster Jordan Oshana minded the Wicked net for all four games.

West Coast out played and outscored IR Academy for a 2-1 result, with goals from Scott and Gualco.

West Coast Soccer’s Mary Jane Anzo received player of the tournament award for her outstanding leadership and play.  

“Winning the Champions Cup Tournament is a great way to keep our momentum going,” said coach Troy Dayak. “We will enjoy it for now, but the team must refocus on a grueling Champions League play ahead.”

The Wicked is currently undefeated in National Premier League Champions League and have the first round of State Cup ahead.