The value of youth expression through art

Courtesy of Danielle Leong, Aileen Rubio and Karina Chen

Heritage High’s National Arts Honor Society uses visual art as a form of self expression.

Whether it be through fashion or hobbies, youth expression is essential to any teen in their quest for self-discovery. The members of Heritage High’s National Arts Honor Society use visual art as a form of self expression.

Passion in the Heritage art community starts early. From a young age, teen artists find their inspiration through mentors and their imagination to create works of art. While art may seem like a hobby to most, teen artists dedicate time and commitment into their art.

“I created art practically all my life, but seriously started in middle school,” said Karina Chen. “Although my school art teachers taught me some important skills, I found that I developed more of my art through online posts, and following and looking through other people’s artwork.”

For many youth, art is a distraction from the stress of a busy world. Paired with a talent they love, art can be a form of relaxation.

“I express my thoughts or opinions through more serious pieces; which I do very rarely. I mostly do art to make me feel good and de-stress,” said Danielle Leong.

The freedom artists get from artistic expression is a unique contrast from social constraints many teens face. A wide range of art, from clay to paint, is a creative outlet teens use to illustrate their passions and emotion.

“Art’s advantage isn’t that I don’t need anyone else’s help to create it; it’s that I can express anything I’d like through a language most people can understand,” said Aileen Rubio.

As modern youth face a constant battle for identity and self-discovery, a way to communicate their individuality is essential. Not only is art a medium of self-expression, it also builds a community. Youth in art are able to connect with each other to build upon their skills, create bonds, and appreciate art in its purest form.

Nani Sarmiento offered this advice to aspiring artists: “I would advise young artists to avoid comparing themselves to other artists. Artists you see on social media oftentimes have had more experience and formal training

than an aspiring, young artist ... Give yourself time to improve your art and don’t expect results overnight,”

Youth expression is constantly changing. Art is a beautiful form of teen identity that honors creativity, passion and inspiration.

– by: Olivia Johnson

To view more artwork created by the Heritage National Arts Honor Society, visit their Instagram: @hhsnationalarthonorsociety