City sets capital project plan

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The expansion of the city’s wastewater treatment plant is one of several priority projects included in the city’s recently adopted five-year capital project plan.

City leaders have set the municipality’s five-year infrastructure and capital planning needs.

The 105-project outline, which lays out roadway, parks and trails, water, wastewater and community facilities improvements, includes 56 city projects, 18 future improvement endeavors and 31 development enhancements, totaling $253.5 million in city projects.

“The preparation of the (Capital Improvement Program) plan has been a collaborative effort between staff from all the various departments. It began many months ago, resulting in the document,” said Brentwood Business Services Manager Sonia Agostini.

The plan, which the city uses to identify and align capital improvement needs, financing and timing, forecasts about $99.8 million in wastewater improvements, $73.6 million in roadway upgrades, $42.5 million in community facility enhancements, $34.3 million in water advancements and $3 million in parks and trail betterments over the next five years.

The plan’s funding is derived from at least seven sources, including $75 million in federal, state or outside agency funding; $37 million in enterprise funds (derived from solid waste, water and wastewater services); $28 million in developer-paid impact fees; and $23 million from an array of other sources, including bond proceeds, voter-approved transportation sales taxes and state loans.

“The city’s capital improvement program plans and provides for amenities and infrastructure that are core to this quality of life,” said Brentwood City Manager Tim Ogden.

Earmarked in the spending are several city-council-driven priority projects, including establishing downtown and Brentwood Boulevard development strategies; construction of an outdoor amphitheater and event center west of State Route 4, north of Marsh Creek Road and south of Fairview Avenue; expansion of the city’s wastewater treatment plant; and an update to the city’s General Plan Housing Element, a plan to meet the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the community

“In Brentwood, land use is the biggest issue for residents,” said Brentwood City Councilmember Jovita Mendoza, alluding to the housing element update. “If we get something right, this has to be it.”

A handful of other projects scheduled for completion outside of priority category include infrastructure improvements for the more than 430-acre area — surrounded by Lone Tree Way to the north, Heidorn Ranch Road to the west, Sand Creek Road to the south and Shady Willow Lane to the east — considered Brentwood’s future job-generating hub; installation of a citywide non-potable water distribution system; and replacement of Sunset Park’s playground equipment.

Of the priority projects planned for completion in the next few years, the wastewater treatment plant expansion project will increase the facility’s capacity from 5 million gallons a day to 6.4 million gallons a day, an amount expected to accommodate the city’s buildout population of 92,336.

The Brentwood Boulevard and downtown-specific plan updates are expected to establish economic development-driven development strategies.

Crews are also expected to begin construction on the amphitheater portion of the event center and amphitheater project, west of State Route 4, north of Marsh Creek Road and south of Fairview Avenue, in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. The event center will be a future phase of the project.

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