Cookies, community and accidental secret recipes

Photo courtesy of Tasha Ghiggeri

Tasha Ghiggeri has always loved to bake, and began giving her cookies to people during her years in college.

If it’s bigger, it’s better, which is particularly true of Tasha’s Cookies.

Sometimes the best things take place by accident. Evidence of this is in the original creation of Tasha’s chocolate chip cookies. Now it can be said that Tasha’s Cookies are evidence of the beauty of accidents.

“The base dough was actually a mistake,” Tasha Ghiggeri explained while discussing her cookie recipe. “It’s sounds so cheesy, but I tell people that it’s my secret recipe.”

Ghiggeri began realizing her dreams of her own bakery with this delicious secret ingredient.

Ghiggeri started up her baking business in October 2020 with the help of her friend and mentor, Mahiya Bokhari, the owner of Shine Bright Spa and Beauty Salon. She had much to learn and much to do, but through the aid of the surrounding community and the support of her friends, she is now running a tasty, successful baking business.

“I’m not a business expert,” said Ghiggeri on the topic of her entrepreneurship. “I didn’t know much about business, but I know how to bake.”

She explained the learning curve which she faced as a the owner of a new business, which she was able to get to its feet mainly through the mentorship of her friend.

“I’ve had the dream of having my own bakery since I was little,” said Ghiggeri, “but I didn’t know how to make it happen.”

Through the support of family, friends and her mentor, she became a licensed cottage baker, furthering her ability to create and sell her baked creations.

“Mahiya has been my business coach, pushing me beyond my own limitations,” said Ghigerri.

She emphasized the importance of the support and guidance of others as she built her baking business.

Starting up Tasha’s Cookies was not a walk in the park, however, as Ghigerri had to face many challenges. Her love for baking paired with her love for people made it easy to be overwhelmed with too many orders and too little time.

“I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off in the beginning because I didn’t want to refuse an order despite my limited production capacity,” Ghiggeri explained. “The importance to my sanity of having somebody cover my back is crucial. I had to give to receive. I would say that’s huge. The more you give, the more you receive.”

Ghiggeri also commented on the importance of charity and local involvement: “I already donate substantially to charity, but if I had employees who could actually bake with me and for me on a larger scale, I would love to become more active in philanthropy.”

The business’ website advertises a dozen cookies for $27, but don’t let the prices discourage you, as these cookies are exceptionally tasty and much larger than one might expect. Some of Tasha’s cookies are practically triple the size of a conventional cookie, such as the Oreo Chocolate Chip variety, comprised of an Oreo sandwiched between two cookies, wrapped in more cookie dough. These are both delicious and filling, and definitely worth the price. To review the menu and place an order at Tasha’s Cookies, visit Orders should be placed at least a few days in advance and are available at Sip n’ Scoop on Oak Street in Brentwood. Tasha’s Cookies runs on the kindness, support and reciprocal charity of the community it serves.